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Don Goldberg on the Gig Economy

ConsultNet Founder and President Don Goldberg shares his insights on the nature of employment and where it's heading next.

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We are very pleased to have been selected as one the "25 Most Promising HR & Staffing Services Vendors of 2015" by the Outsourcing Gazette. To read more, please open the PDF below.

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ConsultNet's New Look

The technology that is so much a part of our lives is continually changing and evolving. ConsultNet is part of this technology ecosystem and to remain effective and relevant, we too are evolving. Our new look is both a vision of the future and a reaffirmation of our core values. Come check us out to learn how ConsultNet is truly integrating talent and technology.

integrating talent and technology

Our new logo visually symbolizes the integration of talent and technology. Letters from our name are outlined in rounded corners suggestive of keyboard keys. Border lines end in dots which reflect the circuit boards that are the foundation of hardware design.

Our New Streamlined Website

As part of our rebranding initiative, we've updated and streamlined our website. It gets you where you want to go more quickly than before and it looks great on your mobile device. We hope you like the new design; drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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Demand High for Technology Jobs

Unemployment statistics can tell you a lot more than just how many people are out of work. You can use unemployment as a proxy for relative demand for different occupations. If the unemployment rate for a particular occupation, say software developers, is below the national average, then one can infer that the demand for software developers is above average.

If we look at actual data (from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and ConsultNet) comparing all occupations in the US with indexes for technology jobs, we see that technology jobs have much lower rates of unemployment (see chart). This means that people working in the technology sector typically enjoy higher employment than average or, put another way, are in above-average demand.